AWRI Board

Left to right: Louisa Rose (chair), Toby Bekkers, Mark Krstic, Iain Jones (to December 2020), Trish Giannini, Mark Watson (to December 2020), Marcus Woods (to March 2021)
Absent: Kiaran Kirk, Liz Riley, Corrina Wright, Brett McClen, Nigel Sneyd

Louisa Rose


Toby Bekkers

BAppSc (Ag) (Hons), Grad. Cert. (Mgt)
Viticulturist, consultant and wine business manager with over 20 years of relevant experience. Toby’s consultancy provides viticulture and wine business advice across Australia. He and his wife own and operate Bekkers Wine and vineyards in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Toby participated in the Australian wine industry Future Leaders program in 2009. Toby has served on many industry committees including two terms on the Board (one as Deputy Chair) of the McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association. Board member since 2014.

Trish Giannini

BEc, GradDipAcc, ICAA
Chapman Capital Partners副主任和CFO顾问。Trish是一位经验丰富的顾问,CFO和特许会计师。她在公司财务,咨询,农业,技术和采矿方面拥有20多年的经验,在一个大的四个会计师事务所的背景。Trish参与跨所有部门,资本筹集,商业咨询,CFO咨询和买入交易的建议客户。2020年以来的董事会成员。

Kiaran Kirk

BSc (Hons), PhD, DPhil
Dean of the College of Science at the Australian National University (ANU); Chair of the Board, Clonakilla Wines (est. 1971). Previous positions: Director, ANU Research School of Biology (2009-2014); Head, ANU Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1996-2009); Research Fellow, University of Oxford (1989-1996). Kiaran has published over 150 research papers in the field of biochemistry and has more than twenty years’ experience in the Australian research sector. Board member since 2017.

Mark Krstic

BAgSci (Hons), PhD, MBA
Managing Director, The Australian Wine Research Institute, Chair of The Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference Inc., Professional Member of the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology, member of Hort Innovation’s Table Grape Strategic Investment Advisory Panel, member of the National Viticulture Biosecurity Committee, Associate Editor of Wine & Viticulture Journal, Committee Member of the Wine Innovation Cluster Leadership Group and the Waite Strategic Leadership Group, Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Graduate of the Australian Wine Industry Future Leaders Program. Mark has been instrumental in driving various initiatives in the Australian grape and wine research and development community over the last 8 years. Board member since 2020.

Brett McClen

BAgSci (Hons), MBA
Chief Viticulturist Brown Family Wine Group. Professional member of ASVO. Brett has more than 20 years of viticultural and management experience across a range of Australian wine regions, as well as experience working with other irrigated horticultural crops. He previously spent two terms as a Director of the ASVO and was a finalist in the 2019 ASVO Viticulturist of the Year award. Board member since 2021.

Liz Riley

BAppSc (Wine)
Owner and operator of Vitibit Pty Ltd. Independent Expert for the Wine Industry Code of Conduct – Wine Australia, Professional Member of the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology, Associate Member and member of the Viticulture Sub-committee of the Hunter Valley Wine Industry Association and Associate Member of the NSW Farmers Association. Liz was awarded the Hunter Valley Wine Industry Association’s 2011 Viticulturist of the Year and was the recipient of the Australian Nuffield Farming Scholarship for Women (sponsored by Lady Southey) in 1997. Over 20 years’ experience in the Australian wine industry. Board member since 2012.

Nigel Sneyd

BAppSc (Wine Science), DON (Oenologie), MBA, MW
Global Director of Wine and Quality for Accolade Wines. Nigel is a Master of Wine (MW) with more than 40 years of experience in the wine industry both in Australia and internationally. In previous roles Nigel has worked for the Australian Wine Research Institute and several diverse wine industry companies in France. Most recently he has enjoyed a 15-year career at E. & J. Gallo, based in California, where he was exposed to winemaking in Italy, Spain, Germany, South Africa, California, Argentina and New Zealand. Nigel has delivered major cross-functional projects in large-scale and boutique-scale wine production in diverse cultural settings. Board member since 2021.


BCom, BAgSc (Oen)